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Cricket In the UK – The Sport Explained In Simple Language

There are several sports that are popular in the UK, with some of the most notable being football and horse racing. One of the less spoken about British sports that still has a fairly large following in England is cricket. A unique bat and ball game that has many fans across the globe, cricket in the UK is a sport that has a lot to offer.

Fast Cricket in the UK Facts

man holding a cricket ball

Cricket Originated in the United Kingdom

While the true origin of the game is unknown, the earliest reliable reference to cricket in the UK is dated back to the 16th century. The most commonly accepted theory on the origins is that it developed in early Medieval times in the south and southeast of London. Although many believe that it was invented during Saxon or Norman times. It was considered England’s national sport in the 18th century.

Fewer People in Britain Play Cricket Than Before

While this sport has been significantly followed in the UK for several decades now, there aren’t quite as many players as there used to be. If you look at data from 2009 you’ll see that around 428,000 people played. Compared to the 291,900 in 2018, there’s quite a significant drop. Although it did rise back up to 294,000 in 2020.

Cricket Still Remains One of the World’s Most Popular Sports

Despite the fact that fewer people are playing cricket in the UK, there are still plenty of fans across the country. Also, many people enjoy the sport worldwide – with over 2 billion estimated fans. At the moment, cricket has the biggest audiences in England, India and Australia.

How is Cricket Played?

The aim of the game is straightforward and is intrinsically the same as most other sports. There are two teams of 11 players and whoever scores the most is the winner. However, it’s the other rules involved that make it an interesting game to watch.
Basically, both teams take it in turns to bat and bowl, with the batting team trying to score as many runs as they can by hitting the ball around the field. The bowling team needs to stop these runs from happening, often by throwing the ball overarm in such a way as to reduce the batsman’s chances of a decent hit. The game happens on a 22-yard pitch.

Is It Worth Betting on Cricket?

If you’re someone who finds the thought of winning a bet enticing, you might be interested in the different ways that you could place a wager on a cricket match. Just like with most other sports, there are plenty of opportunities to participate, including the best cricket betting sites 2021. Look at these factors before you place a bet:
  • How will the weather impact the match?
  • Do you have at least a basic understanding of the game’s rules?
  • Have you learned about the different players, their skill sets, ideal formats, etc. to improve your chances?
You may want to do some in-depth research about the different tournaments, teams, player statistics. Also, it is important to know how pitch conditions can change gameplay if you are considering gambling a sizable amount.

What Sets Cricket Apart From Baseball?

From the brief description above, you might think that it sounds quite similar to baseball. In fact, there are several similarities between these two sports – but there’s also a lot that sets them apart. Here are a few examples:

1. There Are More Ways for a Batsman to Be Dismissed

If you’re familiar with rules of baseball, you might know that there are 5 ways to get a batter out. One of the key differences in cricket is that there are many more ways to ensure an unsuccessful hit. A few of these include:
  • Getting bowled
  • Stumped by the wicket-keeper
  • Handling the ball
  • Taking too long to get out to bat (timed out)
  • Getting hit on the pads in front of the wickets

2. It’s Harder to Run in Cricket

While the batsman in both games will have to run to score, baseball players don’t wear quite as much uniform as cricket batters do. Typically, the gear of a cricket player includes leg pads, thigh and arm guards, a helmet and more – all of which make it quite a bit harder to run the field.
Alongside this, the maximum number of times a baseball batter would have to run off of one hit is 4 (between first, second, third base, and to finish at the Home plate). Whereas cricket players need to bat and run until they’re out. There are two points to run between, from wicket to wicket, and there are a range of plays that can be undertaken to maximise both opportunities provided by the bowler and the number of points that can potentially be scored.

3. Cricket Players Don’t Wear Gloves

To make the game even harder for cricket players, there’s the fact that they don’t wear gloves. In comparison, baseball players wear catching mitts – and a baseball is actually larger and lighter than a cricket ball, increasing the odds of a successful catch. Despite the fact that it’s much harder, many cricket players have made incredible dives and secured the ball with a little issue!

4.Conditions That Can Affect a Match

Alongside the many things that make the game more challenging, there’s also the fact that different playing conditions can have a drastic effect on the overall outcome. Simple things like weather, pitch conditions and even outfield conditions can all have an impact on how the game is played. A good cricket player will need to consider all of the possibilities while playing if they want to win.

Conclusion: There Is a Lot to Explore About Cricket in the UK

There are many reasons why cricket in the UK deserves some attention. Not only does it have a special place in England’s history, but it’s also a fun, interesting and challenging game that could give you more than you could hope for.