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BitIQ 2021 Opinion – Is it worth it

  Trading pair BTC BUSD at Bitiq trading app on mobile
BitIQ is a cryptocurrency trading platform that allows clients to invest in Bitcoin. On cryptocurrency exchanges, the artificial intelligence of this software is utilised to discover trade opportunities. It is a cryptocurrency trading app that uses complicated crypto trading algorithms including news trading, arbitrage trading, and price trend analysis to trade cryptocurrencies.
The goal of this BitIQ review is to evaluate if this auto-trading robot can do the duties that have been assigned to it.

What is BitIQ?

BitIQ is a cryptocurrency investment platform that makes investing in cryptocurrencies easier, more profitable and less risky for individuals. It identifies business opportunities in the bitcoin sector using artificial intelligence.
BitIQ software uses sophisticated strategies that include price trend analysis, mediation and news trading to trade cryptocurrencies. This trading robot is believed to be the first to automate some bitcoin trading strategies.
Trading on different exchanges for a small price difference is called arbitrage trading. BitIQ analyzes the 30 most popular cryptocurrency exchanges and executes 50 arbitrage trades every minute. More than 70% accuracy has been recorded in arbitration trades.
Price trend analysis thoroughly examines historical charts to identify recurring price patterns. This policy is implemented by BitIQ with a win rate of up to 90%.

BitIQ App Features

BitIQ fee

Many virtual currency services, including exchanges and trading platforms, now charge fees for a number of activities, such as store transactions, withdrawals and the execution of trade orders. Some view cryptocurrency trading as an undesirable endeavour because of that. As a result, BitIQ reduced many costs, commissions and other confusing fees.

BitIQ Withdrawals

Brokers and traders must wait for an average of seven days for the money to be credited to their accounts on most cryptocurrency exchanges and trading platforms. Luckily, BitIQ software offers great services when it comes to withdrawals. It’s payment service will handle your withdrawal request in roughly 24 hours after you fill out the necessary form. You can withdraw money from BitIQ using a variety of methods, including bank transfers.

Bit IQ Customer Service

The customer support department of BitIQ can be contacted in a number of ways, all of which have proven effective. If you have any questions regarding cryptocurrency or trading, they will be answered promptly and to your satisfaction.

BitIQ Demo Features

The software comes with a free demo account and after signing up for the platform and getting acquainted with the user interface, you can try the demo mode. You can also use it to try alternative trading methods without risking your own money.

How does BitIQ application works?

As mentioned earlier, all BitIQ transactions are automated. As a result, everyone should be able to trade successfully from the first minute.
However, before you start using the platform, you should be aware of it. This trading platform includes all the tools you need to be ready for direct trading. It includes tutorials explaining the setup and demos that allow you to take a risk-free tour of the platform.
We ask that you set aside at least an hour to prepare your company. Watch the video and get an explanation from your dedicated business manager. You will receive a welcome call from the administrator after logging in. Changes in Bitcoin Prices Money can be made through BitIQ in a variety of ways. Arbitrage Trading, News Trading and Trend Analysis are all examples of this. In mediation, bots benefit from the price difference between BTC on multiple exchanges.
Small deviations are common, and they are often corrected in milliseconds. You need a high-speed trading system to take advantage of this. BitIQ’s news trading tool uses natural language processing (NLP) to bet on the impact of breaking news on volatility.
BitIQ is used in trend analysis methods, analyzing thousands of price charts to find and create repetitive patterns. Since some property values ​​are cyclical, prices can fluctuate again.

Does Elon Musk support BitIQ?

Elon Musk is rumoured to be promoting bitcoin trading through this app and we have not found any proof to support these claims. Further investigation of these rumours reveals that unsuspecting users are being exploited to lead cloned websites. BitIQ has released a statement warning users about duplicate webpages on their platform.
Scammers use a cloned website to deceive their victims into believing they are registering on a legitimate BitIQ website. Fraudsters want to steal your login information and use it in their attacks. Trading boat posts related to celebrities should always be avoided. To attract victims, scammers use celebrity names as clickbytes. Avoid duplicating internet fraud by clicking only links from trusted sources.


It can be tough to tell if trading software is good or not, especially because there are so many choices. BitIQ has been thoroughly investigated, and we believe it to be a legitimate trading platform.
Keep in mind that each merchant’s experience is unique, so BitIQ customers may respond in a variety of ways. The trading method, in our opinion, is quick, simple, and natural, making it excellent for newbies to the trading business who don’t want to put too much pressure on themselves.
Although we believe BitIQ is a secure app, you should exercise caution when transacting and creating trading strategies. Because of the market’s extraordinary volatility, trading bitcoin is frequently regarded as a high-risk activity. BitIQ can help you avoid some of the hazards connected with trading in these markets, but you risk losing  money if you don’t pay attention to what you’re doing.